The dangers of using drugs while driving

Cocaine causes many essential details are lost

To this, he continues, it is compounded by the fact that consumption of cocaine causes many essential details are lost while (changing traffic light signals, maneuvers nearby vehicles) driving as it reduces the focus of consumer attention. Cases of accidents caused by the disappearance of the effects of cocaine are also given.

The high drowsiness and exhaustion are typical hangover effects on cocaine and the added danger if they appear at the wheel of a vehicle involved. In addition, cocaine is often linked to alcohol abuse, when both drugs are taken together, form within the body a new substance called Coca-ethylene having a half-life greater and lasts longer in the body, as well as greater power, which translates into a multiplier effect of each of the substances alone.

The cannabis is another drug which may affect consumption, “so serious”, the drive ability of vehicles and increase the risk of accidents. In this regard, the expert has warned that its effects particularly slowed reactions are those involving a danger of accidents.

In cases of cannabis that can trigger the onset of symptoms delusional-hallucinatory, such as paranoia or persecution mania, the driving can involve high risks of accidents. The fear of psychotic conviction that they are persecuted or observed causes errors and attention deficit and inadequate reactions that endanger their safety and that of those around them.

Less reaction

Other substances most minority consumption, such as heroin, they are “totally incompatible” with driving because of their “high sedative effects.” In addition, the use of tranquilizers, even if scheduled by a doctor, is a road hazard if proper precautions are not taken.

The main dangers come from excessive sleepiness at the wheel or moods with many ups and downs due, in many cases, excessive consumption by self-medication. In this sense, knowing the drug being ingesting and follow the therapeutic indications of professional prescribing is essential to prevent avoidable mishaps on the road and to encourage safe driving.