Strong and resourceful defense DUI and traffic violations

Despite the intense media attention to harsh penalties and strict compliance with the law, arrests for driving under the influence (DUI) sometimes referred to as DWI are still very common in the area of ​​Silver Spring and along Maryland.

It is a big risk and potentially greater error addresses this serious charge by you without an attorney who will look strong to the circumstances and will fight to protect against the most serious consequences.

Understand the realities of DUI offenses and law enforcement.

Unfortunately some people drink alcohol or use drugs and then drive. Without minimizing the real dangers, we think it is essential to recognize that harsh sentences can sometimes do more harm than do good, resulting in jail time, loss of jobs and longer driver’s license suspensions that prevent people from being productive. We also understand that a drink can make the difference between complete freedom and a criminal record. It is common for law enforcement officials make mistakes in the course of an arrest for DUI / DWI, so we challenge the evidence against you, making sure they have been properly and lawfully obtained.