Defense DUI (driving under the influence of substances)

The DUI arrest can happen to anyone. For many of us, being arrested for DUI is traumatic and embarrassing. While no one wants to go through that experience, it can happen to anyone despite our best intentions.

The state of Maryland has one of the strictest laws against DUI across the country, and the consequences of an arrest can be catastrophic including severe criminal penalties (such as the extension of imprisonment), loss of driving privileges which in some cases are permanent, the threat of job security and many other financial losses including fines, court costs, costs of alcohol and drug assessment, counseling expenses, breathalyzer connected to the ignition device, and increases in the insurance policy.

During the past 30 years, the DUI laws have become extremely complex and fraught with danger for inexperienced lawyers. That is why the choice of a lawyer is very important for the person arrested for DUI. Choosing the wrong firm to represent cost you losing your freedom, the ability to resume driving and financial consequences. The price you can afford may be years.