Being convicted of DWI or driving while impaired, can lead to sanctions such as fines, mandatory imprisonment and suspension of his driver’s license. The penalties for a first offense, may even be serious so it is important that you hire a competent DWI attorney to represent you.

DWI charges are taken very seriously and the penalties are more severe for subsequent DWI offenses. If your test reveals blood alcohol levels of 0.08% or more, then it is likely to be charged with DWI. Even if your results are lower than this could still be charged if the children were present in the vehicle at the time. If you caused serious injury, damage or even death because of their actions, then the charges could be elevated to a felony with imprisonment. For advice and representation of a qualified DWI lawyer is the best option to try to defend their case and seek a lesser penalty.

DWI convictions are difficult to carry out because of the technical nature of the evidence gathered against you. This is the evidence that his lawyer analyzed to determine if they had followed the correct procedures, if the tests were successful and if they had been carried out by qualified personnel. There are other defenses to a charge of DWI that your lawyer can try to follow including:

  • The lack of evidence of driving or controlling
  • There is no cause for arrest by police
  • Deficiencies in testing blood alcohol
  • Stop illegal
  • The denial of the right to a lawyer
  • Rejection independent testing
  • Sobriety tests incorrectly executed

His lawyer DWI try to protect their rights in DWI cases, however many people think that if the level of alcohol in the blood returns to more than 0.08%, then it is not possible for the defense of the charges, pleading guilty all charges will result in their losing all rights to defend the case. Hiring an experienced attorney is therefore essential if you want to have any chance of successfully defending his case be acquitted or receive a lesser sentence.

Finding a good lawyer is not too difficult, but will need to spend some time together with different lawyers, research attorneys in your area and contact everyone you can. You must remember that because of all the states in the United States sets its own laws and legislation DWI offenses need to hire a lawyer practicing in the state in which the crime took place, even if it is not the place in which they live. They have knowledge of the law and the local procedure for best advice and represent you.