Defense in case of operation under influence in Maryland

In many ways, “Driving under the Influence” or “DUI” is one of the most interesting crimes, and sometimes frustrating, a criminal lawyer can handle. There are many reasons for this. First, DUI is a crime; perhaps more than any other, it tends to cross social boundaries.

Young or old, male or female, rich or poor, most of us know or are related to someone at some time been facing DUI charges. That’s why probably, once people know what we do for a living, inevitably make us more questions about DUI than any other kind of criminal offense.

These people want to know everything about the DUI, including whether or not to take the breath test, and whether or not to submit to field sobriety exercises.

Maryland DUI defense

Getting a DUI charge is dismissed, dismissed or a verdict of “innocent” can often rely on a small detail is obtained. December Law lawyers they reconsidered all the evidence and statements from witnesses to find answers to very important questions, including:

  • Are the results of blood tests and precise breath (accurate)?
  • They have been the results of the breath test compromised in any way?
  • Were the field sobriety tests performed according to the protocol?
  • He had the officer proceeded to arrest probable cause to stop the vehicle?
  • I report the officer preceded to the arrestor all details precisely what? (Accurately?)
  • I showed the defendant was the defendant exhibiting handling impaired driving?
  • The defendant’s constitutional rights were violated in any way?

Penalties for DUI in Maryland DUI

DUI cases in the State of Maryland are even more complicated because they are one of the few minor offenses for which the law imposes mandatory minimum penalties. This means that when someone is convicted of ” driving under the influence “either by accepting a deal or because the verdict of a jury, the judge must order the person to the minimum punishment required by law and the Court has discretion to reduce or mitigate the punishment, even if it is the defendant’s first offense. If you are charged with DUI in Orlando, in Central Maryland or elsewhere in Maryland, it is highly recommended that you contact a DUI lawyer with experience.

The minimum penalties for DUI in the state of Maryland include:

  • Adjudication of guilt
  • Supervised probation period (usually a year)
  • Minimum fine of $ 500.00
  • Secular attendance of Attack Against DUI (Counter Attack School)
  • Undergo an assessment of Alcohol Abuse and other substances and the complete treatment, if this is recommended
  • Victims Awareness Program
  • Revocation of driver’s license for six (6) months
  • Fifty hours of Community Service
  • Ten-day vehicle impoundment
  • Payment of legal costs and, if applicable, payment of costs incurred by the prosecution during the investigation

The penalties mentioned above are only the minimum sentences for those who have not been convicted of DUI ante oriented if there are no aggravating factors. If the result of the breath test is a defendant .150 or more, or if there was an accident, the imposition of additional sanctions, including the use of an “ignition lock” device is mandatory. ?? Defendants who have had prior DUI convictions also face additional mandatory sanctions and may even be accused in court??

In addition to criminal penalties related to DUI, a person accused of “driving under the influence “facing the suspension of the license of the Maryland Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). This penalty is completely separate from the criminal case and should be challenged within ten (10) days following the arrest for DUI.

Driving under the influence

The driving under the influence of psychoactive substances, the driving ability influence (alcohol, other drugs or specific medication) – legal concept in US: “drunk driving” – as in almost every country in the world misdemeanor punishable or is a misdemeanor punishable (depending on action and the consequences). The penalties and criminal side-effects at the specified exceeding blood alcohol concentrations and / or breath alcohol concentration and driving under the influence of drugs and medication, however, differ from country to country. In US, there are, however, for the offense drunk driving no legal alcohol limits.

Effects of alcohol in road traffic

In European countries there are different limits, from which a transport under the influence of alcohol is punishable. These detection limits are often wrongly interpreted that driving “below” allowed is. Alcohol consumers make their decisions often ride – either habitually or due to current stress factors – not based on objective facts (drinking amounts), but on the basis of subjective assessments of their driving ability. Alcohol-savvy people often feel well in more than 1 ‰ roadworthy and depending on habituation level and stomach contents even at two and 2.5 ‰.

Such misperceptions explain the dangers of alcohol in road traffic as well as the learning experience that alcohol rides often “go well”, do not lead to an accident or traffic incident. People with this learning experience represent a high-risk group, as they are derived from their “personal underreporting” that driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous.

Impairments caused by alcohol start at a low dose.

Changing perceptions under the influence of alcohol

The glare sensitivity of the eye is raised, because the pupils of the eyes with sudden incidence of light (“oncoming” spotlight) close too slowly. Most alcohol journeys take place at night. This increases the risk of accidents significantly.

Distance estimation is unreliable because the eye lens switches under the influence of alcohol is no longer fast enough from near too far and vice versa. The drunken motorist travels frequently on too tightly.

The speed estimate is also unreliable as the speed from the brain of the perceived change in distance and the elapsed time is calculated as a result of poor distance estimate.

The attention is concentrated, the so-called tunnel vision occurs. Information from the edges of the visual field (pedestrians, laterally oncoming vehicles) is perceived much worse.

Information processing

Under the influence of alcohol which lasts Information Processing (nerve / brain) is longer, for example, to a perceived issue identified as a threat.

Limited capacity

The reaction rate is already slowing down in small amounts, the effect increases with higher amounts. In perception of danger, the reaction is delayed.

The safe execution of the necessary reaction is – when they finally done – much worse. Drunken brakes as significantly harder and the countermeasures fail.

Affect the thinking

Alcohol relaxed and uninhibited, When driving increase the confidence and the willingness to take risks Increased confidence at reduced performance resulting in more driving errors.

Risk of accidents under the influence of alcohol

Alcohol is the biggest risk factor in road traffic, both the frequency as the severity of accidents concerning. Every year more than one million people worldwide die from the consequences of traffic accidents.

According to the statistics of the Association of civil liability insurance provider in Germany, every fourth serious accident due to the influence of alcohol, despite many efforts at prevention and awareness campaigns and inspections. Only a fraction of all journeys under the influence of alcohol will be discovered and punished by roadside checks.

Defense DUI and DWI

DUI defense lawyers in Maryland

Politicians know that the public is in favor of the laws of DUI / DWI stringent, so laws against drunk driving are tougher every year. Driving while intoxicated is the most common cause of arrest in Maryland, and fines are an important source of income for locations.

The law does not matter that you did not hurt anyone or never before been arrested. Once you are arrested, you’re stuck; and only an expert DUI attorney can avoid paying fines, attending classes on alcoholism and drug addiction, license suspension, problems with employers and schools, and possibly imprisonment.

A well-informed defense against charges of driving while intoxicated. Face charges of DUI is expensive and risky.

Defense DUI (driving under the influence of substances)

The DUI arrest can happen to anyone. For many of us, being arrested for DUI is traumatic and embarrassing. While no one wants to go through that experience, it can happen to anyone despite our best intentions.

The state of Maryland has one of the strictest laws against DUI across the country, and the consequences of an arrest can be catastrophic including severe criminal penalties (such as the extension of imprisonment), loss of driving privileges which in some cases are permanent, the threat of job security and many other financial losses including fines, court costs, costs of alcohol and drug assessment, counseling expenses, breathalyzer connected to the ignition device, and increases in the insurance policy.

During the past 30 years, the DUI laws have become extremely complex and fraught with danger for inexperienced lawyers. That is why the choice of a lawyer is very important for the person arrested for DUI. Choosing the wrong firm to represent cost you losing your freedom, the ability to resume driving and financial consequences. The price you can afford may be years.



DUI charges are traditionally considered minor offenses in Florida, but can still carry severe consequences. However, if the charge is elevated to a felony, the punishment may be considerably worse. While all forms of DUI can be serious in their own right, the felony DUI charge is imposed in certain circumstances such as when a drunk driver causes bodily injury to another person, if passenger, pedestrian or someone in another car.

The felony DUI charge can also be imposed if the driver has had previous DUI offense within a certain time frame, or if the driver has ever had a felony DUI conviction. Although the penalty for DUI in Florida is weighing a misdemeanor, felony DUI carries more punitive sanctions. Convicted offenders will face prison sentences as opposed to prison sentences and fines much more expensive.

A felony is decidedly worse in a register less a crime, and the dark cloud of a felony DUI can follow an individual after time served. Avoiding such a serious offense as a felony DUI is only possible with expert representation of a criminal defense attorney in Miami who has a full understanding of the process of DUI.


The law A. Law Office of Antonio Tomas, PA, can appreciate the severity of a felony DUI conviction and the terrible impact it can have on the life of the detainee, especially when people depend on that person for support both emotionally and financially.

His firm has successfully defended many cases of felony DUI in the living criminal, and relies on a system of research, dedication and attention to detail which is very difficult to find elsewhere. Tomas lawyer can work closely with customers to build the best strategy for the defense in the DUI process, and may be able to minimize or completely eliminate any DUI charge.


If he is accused of driving under the influence of substances or drunk driving in Maryland, you have to know the offense. And it has to consult with a lawyer Maryland DUI. Even though this was his first offense, to a significant fine, loss of your driver’s license and a possible period in jail would face.

A case of driving under the influence of substances or drunk driving involves many legal elements. This summary explains three ways in which the Commonwealth of Maryland can prove that you were intoxicated. Most cases combines one or more different factors to meet the burden of proof from the government.


The erratic behavior in the handling or driving unsafely is usually the first thing an official note about you. Although this is normally used to show that the officer had probable cause to stop you, also it can be used as evidence of intoxication. If the agent (or other witnesses) testify that you were zigzagging between lanes, driving erratically or other strange behavior, it is important to see if there is any way to refute the testimony.

Do you really was driving erratically? How is insurance agent who was his vehicle? Was there any reason besides alcohol that explain your behavior? These and other questions are points to meet with his lawyer.


Like its driving behavior, the field sobriety tests have a dual purpose: to determine whether there is probable cause for an arrest and prove that you were drunk. What many people do not know is that field sobriety tests are not indisputable.

Only four tests have been scientifically studied to determine whether they indicate intoxication. In addition, these tests should be performed using the same procedures as studies or no way to know if they are accurate.

Depending on the formation of the agent, which happened on the scene and the specific tests used, could be effective ways to cast doubt or make the test set of evidence are excluded.


One of the safest for to prove a charge of driving while intoxicated ways is with a blood alcohol test or breath. But these tests do not are perfect. Numerous factors carefully study and examine at trial, such as:

  • Test procedures. Each alcohol test method must meet specific procedures established by the Department of Forensic Sciences Maryland. If these procedures are not performed correctly could create doubts (or even override) about the results of the alcohol test.
  • The operator of the breath test must be properly trained and licensed. Licensing issues may invalidate the certificate of the breath test.
  • Certificate errors. Certificate breath alcohol analysis can be admitted as evidence of intoxication, but only if it is accurate. Errors in the certificate may exclude him from his trial.

If the Commonwealth introduced successfully tests his blood alcohol content or breath, that does not automatically mean you were drunk. It simply means that the Commonwealth is entitled to the presumption that you were drunk. Your lawyer can refute (dispute) the presumption if there is affirmative evidence that you were not drunk at the time.


Being convicted of DWI or driving while impaired, can lead to sanctions such as fines, mandatory imprisonment and suspension of his driver’s license. The penalties for a first offense, may even be serious so it is important that you hire a competent DWI attorney to represent you.

DWI charges are taken very seriously and the penalties are more severe for subsequent DWI offenses. If your test reveals blood alcohol levels of 0.08% or more, then it is likely to be charged with DWI. Even if your results are lower than this could still be charged if the children were present in the vehicle at the time. If you caused serious injury, damage or even death because of their actions, then the charges could be elevated to a felony with imprisonment. For advice and representation of a qualified DWI lawyer is the best option to try to defend their case and seek a lesser penalty.

DWI convictions are difficult to carry out because of the technical nature of the evidence gathered against you. This is the evidence that his lawyer analyzed to determine if they had followed the correct procedures, if the tests were successful and if they had been carried out by qualified personnel. There are other defenses to a charge of DWI that your lawyer can try to follow including:

  • The lack of evidence of driving or controlling
  • There is no cause for arrest by police
  • Deficiencies in testing blood alcohol
  • Stop illegal
  • The denial of the right to a lawyer
  • Rejection independent testing
  • Sobriety tests incorrectly executed

His lawyer DWI try to protect their rights in DWI cases, however many people think that if the level of alcohol in the blood returns to more than 0.08%, then it is not possible for the defense of the charges, pleading guilty all charges will result in their losing all rights to defend the case. Hiring an experienced attorney is therefore essential if you want to have any chance of successfully defending his case be acquitted or receive a lesser sentence.

Finding a good lawyer is not too difficult, but will need to spend some time together with different lawyers, research attorneys in your area and contact everyone you can. You must remember that because of all the states in the United States sets its own laws and legislation DWI offenses need to hire a lawyer practicing in the state in which the crime took place, even if it is not the place in which they live. They have knowledge of the law and the local procedure for best advice and represent you.

Defense DUI (driving while intoxicated)

Quick, careful and responsible DUI defense

Before a trial begins, a DUI can be challenged with many kinds of constitutional, legal and administrative arguments, resulting in the evidence the prosecutor is demolished. A good lawyer can aggressively challenge the sobriety tests, the results of the breathalyzer or blood test and any statement you may have made to the authorities.

The state needs all the evidence to seem credible to prevent dismissal of the case for lack of evidence and to put the best face in front of a jury with an ironclad case. If can challenge even a facet of the case the prosecutor and the state resulting in the suppressed evidence, the state can negotiate a charge reduced to a misdemeanor or stop the charge against you.

In DUI defense, winning a battle can lead to win the war.

Criminal defense attorney in Maryland

No one plans to become the head of a criminal case, but if you are being charged with a misdemeanor or felony, quickly notice the importance of finding a Criminal Defense Attorney in Maryland with extensive experience to handle their defense. The criminal defense attorneys do important role in the justice system to protect the constitutional rights of the accused and ensure a fair trial for the defendants.

There are several reasons why someone may be accused of committing a crime, even mistaken identity, false accusations, poor judgment or believe that had no choice but to commit certain acts. Regardless of the circumstances that resulted in a criminal charge, our criminal lawyers in Maryland will take care of your case with professionalism and will be dedicated to defend their right to specialized legal defense.

If you have been accused of committing a crime in Maryland, the legal consequences can be daunting facing fines, probation, loss of driving privileges, perform community service and imprisonment. The personal consequences of a conviction are just as strong and their employment status is at risk as they will miss his work while in prison because criminal records or keep you from getting a good paying job.

Criminal records have a negative impact on their college admission, financial aid and student status. His criminal record may hinder obtaining a loan or secure housing, and they can get away from your family and friends. A criminal lawyer in Maryland can help minimize or eliminate the consequences of a conviction that can alter your life.

Defense serious crimes 

In Maryland charges are filed against those accused two types of crimes, misdemeanor and felony. A misdemeanor is considered less with a maximum term of imprisonment for one year. Generally, violent crime, crimes involving large value against property and drug-related crimes are considered felonies and carry penalties of imprisonment which may reach life imprisonment. Different charges may be filed against certain crimes, such as driving under the influence (DUI) and attacks as minor or serious offenses, depending on the circumstances in which the offense was committed.

For example, a first offense DUI is a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in prison, but charges may be filed as a felony against subsequent DUI offenses. Generally charges misdemeanor assaults occur, but aggravated assaults and assaults with deadly weapons are considered felonies and are heavily punished.

Lawyers with extensive experience in Maryland

If you face a criminal conviction and want an attorney to examine carefully all possible solutions to your situation, consider options for their defense and make every effort to find the resources and the evidence supporting their situation better. A criminal lawyer Maryland will take any opportunity to have his case fairly for maximum reduction of charges or a minimum sentence.

Cost of a defense attorney for a DUI

Referring only to the cost of a DUI defense attorney, the cost depends on a number of criteria, which depend, that says a number of people very experienced and skilled lawyers. The first criterion is the state in which the accused was arrested, sometimes even the jurisdiction premises. Is detention for a misdemeanor or a felony? It should be obvious that a serious offense will be more expensive. Is this a first offense? He is the accused on probation for another DUI or other crimes?

If the answer is “yes”, the cost will be higher. The lawyer’s experience in the local jurisdiction where the arrest was made ​​and where will conduct the hearing and judgment may cost more, Will the defendant pleads guilty or innocent? “Not guilty” will certainly be more expensive. If the chosen lawyer needs to use an investigator to review the interviews or relevant facts of the case from the police, this will add to the fiscal cost. For a statement of “guilty”, most lawyers put their cost of $ 250 to $ 500 if no circumstances mitigating, this being a very, very simple case.

This does not include any penalties, fees, fines and anything else that may be launched in the state jurisdiction. These additional costs can be another $ 1000 to $ 3000, once again, by state and jurisdiction. For a request of “not guilty”, the initial cost of a lawyer is $ 3000 to $ 10,000, but higher starting limit is closer to $ 5,000. This is a cost basis for the declaration of “not guilty” in the audience, and likely subsequent trial. This, by itself, is not very surprising. What is rather surprising is the potential total cost after all is said and done. Several interested and affected groups have done studies on the overall cost of a DUI with various approaches and scenarios that may be relevant.

In general, the cost of a DUI arrest for the first time going to a jury trial and results in a conviction, and has no damage or injury, or other extenuating circumstances, except number of detected alcohol, ranges from $ 9,000 to $ 13,000. This is what the defendant, now condemned to pay. The range depends on the state and, in some cases, jurisdictions involved. Add to this the jail time, if it is not given probation. This could mean the loss of wages or job loss. What is the cost of that event? The loss of the license itself means loss of jobs for many people.

To summarize the potential costs, we assume that the defendant is pleading “not guilty” and wants a jury trial.